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31 Days of Kids Yoga + Guided Journal


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    "This book was so much fun to do with my toddler! The instructions were easy to follow, pictures were helpful, and we laughed A LOT when answering the questions!"


    Columbus, OH

    What you get:

    Digital Download of 31 Days of daily yoga poses + daily questions to prompt conversations and giggles!

    What is it all about?

    Many of my parent friends say they would love to try Yoga with their littles but they don't have the attention span to sit through an entire Kids Yoga class or watch a long video. That's where our guided workbook comes in!

    The workbook is loaded with 31 days of daily yoga poses, appropriate for all ages... young and old! Color pictures and step-by-step instruction helps even the newest Yogi feel comfortable.

    Allow your little one the freedom to move and explore Yoga, then, use the daily question to start a conversation that will help you connect and probably giggle just a little.