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Our classes

We’ve gone virtual!


We host a variety of classes for the various stages of motherhood. Whether you are carrying your baby in your body, in your arms or walking beside them, there is a class for every age and stage. 

As of September 2020, we have moved our classes to a virtual experience and we are thrilled to be able to meet you there. 

For specialized classes, class size is limited in order to provide a personalized and safe experience.


Prenatal Yoga

Our PRENATAL YOGA program gives expecting Mamas a specialized experience in Yoga, designed for the changing needs of pregnancy.


Mama & Me

Our MAMA & ME YOGA program has classes for parents and children, starting as young as 6 weeks all the way through toddler. Parents can bond with their children in a unique and nurturing environment. 


Mom & Me

Our MOM & ME YOGA program is designed for parents and school-age children (ages 5 and up). Parents and children will practice yoga together, all with some giggles and fun.