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Mama & ME YOGA

Bond with your baby

Do Yoga with me.

Mama & Me: Infant
Ages: 6 weeks – 1 year

As a new mom, it's often hard to make time for yourself and the things you loved PB (pre-baby). The Mama and Me Infant classes, allow you to get back into your own yoga practice safely after pregnancy, as well as share some special moments with your little one. 

The classes are 45 minutes long and include a number of poses that allow you to interact with your baby in an unique and fun way. It is an ideal class for babies age 6 weeks-1 year. 



Mama & Me: Toddler
Ages: 1 year (or walking) – 4 years

Let's keep our kids active! As your little one starts to enter into Toddler years, they are thirsty for new experiences, interaction with others and movement. Why not allow them to enjoy all of those with you by their side? 

This 45 minute class is designed for Moms and Toddlers (age 1 year-4 years) as a way to learn a basic yoga practice and, more importantly, have fun! Kids (and parents) will be entertained and engaged with fun yoga postures and games intended to develop their sense of self and explore new movements.