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31 Days of Kids Yoga: Guided Workbook

Looking for a simple way to try Yoga?

Enjoy the flexibility of being at home, while introducing your little one to Yoga. This guide offers daily poses for a full month, with simple instructions and pictures to help you learn.

In addition, each day comes with a journal prompt, or question, intended to help get you and your child talking, connecting, and probably laughing a little!

30 Days to
Less Stress

Do you have less patience than you would like? Do you find yourself snapping at your family, overwhelmed, frustrated and tired all the time? Mamas, stress is to blame and it’s time to take back control. In this 30 day course, daily lessons are kept short and impactful, delivering just the right amount of information per day to help you slowly make lasting changes in how you handle and deal with stress. 

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