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Kid’s Yoga

Kid's Yoga Workbook

Our interactive workbook is now live! Working with our partners over at Teachable, we were able to create a 31-day guided workbook of Kid's Yoga Poses and fun conversation starters! 

Check it out here!

Wellness Coaching

Find your way

Each path is different.

So often we spend (and waste) a lot of time trying to replicate exactly what worked for one person, without even realizing it may not be the best fit for us.

Wellness Coaching can help you find your way.

Create a system that works (and sticks!)

Have you started a new health regimen so many times you've lost track? Discouraged that you couldn't be successful, didn't get results or just lost the motivation? 

You aren't failing. Your systems have failed. 

How you choose to implement new health habits into your life will dictate whether they are successful or not. 

Find the right system and you'll find success. 

All with the support you need

The value of having a professional support, guide and hold you accountable to your goals is often underrated. 

Not only will you reach your goals faster when you are guided, but you save time and energy along the way. 

We can help you
realize your true potential.

We can get there together.

To see if coaching is the right fit for you, let's chat. Book your free introductory call today (or if you prefer to text, we can do that too!). No obligations, just a moment to ask questions and find your way. 

What is included?

Regular Communication

45-minute coaching sessions take place weekly or every other week, depending on package. These sessions are used to reflect on wins, obstacles and as a tool to create a plan for the days ahead. 

In addition, on-going regular communication through texts, messages and emails help bridge the time between coaching calls. 


Your coach provides resources, worksheets, science-backed information on the behavior change you are seeking. Whether you are looking to eat healthier, move more, reduce stress, quit smoking, or any number of other health improvements, there is valuable information we can provide. 

Progress Checks and regular evaluations

It is important to know if you are making progress and whether you are on the right track. A regular schedule of checks and evaluations will provide valuable feedback to both coach and client to make the coaching relationship the most effective it can be.