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Hey! Thanks for stopping by!

If you've come this far, chances are there is something here for you. In this little corner of the internet world, I hope to build a community that's inspiring, motivating and leads you down the path of finding YOU again

My story isn't all that uncommon. I'm a Wife, Mother of 2. I have a career, and dreams. And I used to have energy too – that is, until I spent it all on everyone and everything else. Don't get me wrong, I love having the ability to balance it all…and goodness, the blessing of being a Mama? It's like no other. But, man, is it demanding. Exhausting. All-consuming. (Isn't it great?!) 

I remember when my first was born. I was on maternity leave and when I was cleared to workout again, I went. It was a breeze. She slept. I went to the gym at my leisure. I cooked when she napped and when she was awake, I set her in her boppy and she just stared at me with a smile. You know, I was fooled by those first few months. What's the big deal? No problem. I've got this and I'll be able to fit it all in. My dreams, they aren't going anywhere. I'll chase them, catch them, run marathons, eat kale and basically crush this Mom thing. 

Then. She started to get older. And mobile. And she figured out that when she cried, I answered her every demand. I wanted to keep her happy and healthy in a home that was clean, with home cooked meals (of which, she ate exactly 2 things…mac n cheese and pudding). By the time my husband walked through the door at the end of the day, I was exhausted… but guess what? So was he. You know who wasn't tired? My child.

Then I went back to work. And it felt like every given moment in my day was scheduled. If I wasn't working, I was spending every precious moment with my little family… because… time flies, right?

I was able to keep this going for awhile. We even happily welcomed another child, and grew our family more. Juggling the needs of the family, work, and what I thought it meant to raise happy babies (relentless dedication, and every minute spent focusing on their needs…) 

Pretty soon, I put certain things on the back burner. My things. I put me on the back burner. And you know what I noticed? Irony. By giving everything I had to everyone else, I was also giving them the worst version of myself. I was exhausted and grumpy. I was moody. I'm not ashamed to say, I lost my cool a few too many times for my liking. It didn't take long for me to realize that something had to give, and it had to give back to me. 

I started to take control of my wellbeing again. I made my physical health, my mental health and ME a priority. It wasn't easy at first. I had to unlearn a lot of assumptions I had built along the way about what it means to be a “good Mom”. And some days are still part of the learning process; but, the changes I have made have saved me. I show up now as a better version of me for my family, for my work, for my life… all because I believed I was important. 

I believe you can do it too. I believe there is something here for you. Whether it's an article, a coaching program, a podcast, or an instagram post, I hope something here inspires you, changes you and helps you find what's important again… YOU. 

I can't wait to see what you can do.