Breathwork Technique: How to do the Triangle Breath

Breath diagram

Using a counted breathwork technique can be a fantastic way to simplify your meditation practice or just get some much needed relief from a moment of stress. 

The triangle breath is a popular practice that can be introduced to all ages because of it’s simplicity and familiar shape. 


  1. Begin by taking a couple deep breaths in and out, through the nose. Notice the inhale and exhale portions of the breath. 
  2. Start assigning counts to your inhale and exhale (3 counts in, 3 counts out). The breath (and the counts) shouldn’t feel rushed. The 3 counts should be slow enough to draw in a deep breath.
  3. Now, add in the breath retention (holding the breath), for 3 counts, between the inhale and exhale. So the pattern goes: 3 count inhale, 3 count hold, 3 count exhale, repeat. (The graphic above is a visual of the pattern.)
  4. Practice this cycle a few times through with the eyes closed, in a comfortable position. 
  5. When done, allow the breath to return to a natural cadence before opening the eyes again. 
Breath diagram


  1. How did this technique make you feel physically? Mentally?

Breathwork can be a simple and effective addition to your meditation and stress management practice. 

If you would prefer a guided audio experience for this technique, tune in to the Dalai Mama Podcast episode #8: Breathwork: Triangle Breath!

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